We have been engaged in the development and sales of equipment for web and electronic materials industries since the foundation in 1964.We continue to grow year after year based on the technological expertise and customer trust we have accumulated over many years.


8locations in Japan

3locations abroad

We operate at eight locations across Japan, namely the Head Office in Osaka, Tokyo Branch, Nagoya Branch, Kitakanto Office, Fuji Office, Keiji Office, Shikoku Office, and Hiroshima Office.We also have overseas subsidiaries in Korea, Taiwan, and Switzerland.

of cleaners

More than3500units

SHINKO’s cleaners are used for diverse purposes, most notably in the plastic film and LCD/OLED industries.We contribute to increasing the productivity of a wide range of processes, taking advantage of our proven track record and rich experience.

04The smallest and
largest effective
lengths of cleaners


We customize our cleaner heads to meet the different needs of different customers, ranging from small cleaners that allow for pinpoint cleaning to extra large cleaners with an effective length of 11 meters.SHINKO's proprietary processing technology allows cleaners with a large head to provide removal performance evenly across their entire effective length.

05Annual number
of cleaner tests
at the request
of customers

More than150times

Cleaners are tested for performance more than 150 times each year at our Class 100 clean room. The room is equipped not only with a range of demonstration devices but also with testing instruments, such as a liquid particle counter and microscope, and allows you to bring in your materials to conduct performance checks.

06Annual sales
of tenter clips

More than500,000units

Taking advantage of our world-class track record and experience, we are ready to meet customer requests for all kinds of plastic films and production conditions.SHINKO is a comprehensive manufacturer of clips and chains that produces not only traditional clips and chains for sequential stretching but also a wide variety of special ones designed for specific purposes.


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