History of SHINKO


October 1964
Tadashi Kumazaki established SHINKO SHOKAI CO., LTD. in Higashi-Osaka City to launch sales of energy-saving and rationalization devices with a capital of 1.5 million yen
October 1966
Tokyo office was established.
April 1967
The capital increased to 3 million yen
April 1970
Head office was relocated to Asahi-ku, Osaka City
January 1971
The capital increased to 7.5 million yen
August 1973
Trading business started
August 1974
Nagoya office was established
January 1975
The capital increased to 15 million yen
October 1977
Renamed SHINKO CO., LTD.
May 1979
Entered into technical partnership with North American Mfg in the U.S for web guide systems
June 1979
Main factory was established
May 1980
Entered into technical partnership with Spengler Electronic in Switzerland for explosion-proof electrostatic removal devices
July 1982
Taisho factory was completed in Taisho-ku, Osaka City
September 1983
Head office building was completed in Asahi-ku, Osaka City
December 1983
The capital increased to 30 million yen
September 1984
Shikoku office was established
May 1985
Fuji office was established
October 1985
Tokyo office was promoted to Tokyo branch
April 1986
Production of tenter clip chains for plastic films started
December 1986
The capital increased to 50 million yen
April 1987
Entered into technical partnership with Web Systems, Inc. in the U.S for web cleaners
August 1987
New head office building was completed in Taisho-ku, Osaka City to integrate head office and main factory
December 1989
Test room was completed in the premise of the head office building.
April 1990
MONTALVO SHINKO LTD., a joint venture, was established
December 1991
The capital increased to 75 million yen
April 1993
Keiji office was established
August 1995
The test room (Class 100 clean room) was expanded 
January 1998
Took a stake in Web Systems, Inc.
August 2002
The second factory was established
October 2003
SHINKO KOREA, a sales office in Korea, was established
May 2007
The head office was relocated
October 2007
SHiNKO EUROPE AG. was established
December 2010
Nagoya office was promoted to Nagoya branch.
December 2014
SHINKO TAIWAN, a sales office in Taiwan, was established
April 2015
SHINKO TECH CO., LTD., a subsidiary Company in Korea, was established
August 2017
Kitakanto Office was established
September 2018
The third factory was established
March 2020
Hiroshima Office was established


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