Message from the President

Since the foundation in 1964, we have been comprehensively engaged in the development and sales of a variety of devices and control systems for the web and electronic materials industries, with a view to promoting energy and resource saving from many different perspectives. A precise understanding of the flow of production lines allows us to develop devices and systems that make each process more energy-saving, more productive and higher-quality using our proprietary advanced know-how. At the same time, we promote the rationalization and streamlining of work operations through consulting based on an appropriate understanding of user needs, which has earned us a high reputation in the industry.
As a new era ushers upon us, our social structure is changing into an even more complex one. Under such circumstances, we mobilize all available resources from the individual departments of our company and strive to meet ever-diversifying needs, upholding the motto of “With Our Whole Heart.”
I look forward to your continued support and guidance. Thank you.


PresidentTakeshi Ochiai


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